Susan Razavi LCSWR Therapist, heal balance flow

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licensed clinical social worker 30 years

hypnotherapist 10 years

spiritual yoga therapist 9 years

vedic counselor 6 years


heal balance flow

those who care

work in progress

Three offices convenient and close to all transportation.

630 Fort Washington Ave Washington Heights M, Th, Fri eves and Sunday.

19 West 34th St W 2-9PM

853 Broadway & 14th St Sat 9AM-8PM

On many insurance and employee assistance panels.

Coming Soon:

Mahayogi Dr. Pradeep Ullal  May 15-26

Pure Alignment, Whole Brain Activation, Nada Brahma Vibration Sound Therapy, Shaktipat , Himalayan Kriya and Yoga.

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He is also at WOOM Center NYC May 26 sound therapy Nada Brahma


For more information and to collaborate please email, text or call 1(646)942-8705