Susan Razavi LCSWR Mind/Body Holistic Psychotherapist, CBT Hypnotherapist


Conscious Integrated Therapy (CIT) is a holistic approach to therapy that combines traditional therapeutic techniques with mindfulness/CBT and body-based practices. CIT focuses on helping clients to become aware of the present moment and to develop greater insight into the root causes of their distress. This approach is based on the understanding that our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are all interconnected and can be used to gain insight into our experiences. Through CIT, clients can learn to access their inner wisdom, build resilience, and develop the capacity to live with greater ease and joy. CIT can help clients to gain clarity and insight into their current struggles, as well as to develop new skills and strategies for managing difficult emotions and situations. Go to the work in progress page to know my approaches to therapy. Conscious Integrated Therapy CIT
What are you feeling? You want to understand, know, how to heal from stress, trauma, procrastination, being stuck, inner conflict, depression, anxiety, ptsd. Something with no name? What is the new normal? How to make sense of it can require a good listener, a collaborator. How to recognize and build your strengths; increase resilience to transition into the new normal whatever that means to you. An opportunity to be stable and thrive.
1(646)942-8705 for a brief assessment. 34 years experience. Go to for those who care page with life transition guidance.
20 minute meditation audio (see below in green print) for anxiety and depression, self healing and letting go. Similar to Yoga Nidra.

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I participate with PsychologyToday, PsychotherapyNetworker,, Headway and Alma. You can check your benefits, deductible and copay and book sessions through Headway or Alma if you have Aetna, Oxford, Cigna, United UHC Optum Oscar commercial insurance. Alma also works with bcbs blue cross blue shield. Affinity, UHC Community Plan MetroPlus, AmidaCare Beacon, Carelon accepted. Clinical Social Worker 33 years. On panels of many insurances. Certified for TeleTherapy. Go to profile on PsychologyToday for complete list of insurances.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker State University of New York at Stony Brook 1989
hypnotherapist 13 years from Institute for Advanced Neuro-Research and Education 2009
spiritual yoga therapist 12 years 200 hour yoga teacher training 2010.
vedic counselor 10 years
Member National Association of Social Workers (NASW)
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On many insurance and employee assistance panels.
Ebook “Conscious Integrative Therapy” on Work in Progress Page
To self assess google Beck Inventory Test