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Tibetan Book of the Dead for transition support

Amava support group for caregivers

Music I made for those who care

pictures for the future Hilma af Klint 1. are you a caregiver? are you struggling with caring for a person with mental illness or addictions? How do you take care of yourself and have healthy boundaries?
During the pandemic as we go through much suffering, struggling to care about and for ourselves and others, many go through intense feelings. The feelings may cause emotional drain. Often we feel tired and unable if not unwilling to do anything beyond the necessary. This is normal. In these times I often recommend rest, staying in nature for grounding, not feeling guilty as we may be helpless to do much for those who have lost income, loved ones, grief. I suggest one day at a time. Remember times when things looked like this before. Things may not go back to normal for a time. We who try every day to do something kind for ourselves and find gratitude in who and what we have do often feel better. How to conserve and increase energy. At 1:20:00 specific ways.

2. many healthcare students and adults are transitioning into work/life. are relationships difficult and how can they work? This is a crucial time which if navigated successfully sets you up to continue the flow of abundance in your life.
3. leadership toward raising levels of awareness and consciousness in self and others is a rapidly growing career and lifestyle goal. heal balance flow raise your consciousness and manifest your own reality.

Susan Razavi LCSWR Therapist, heal balance flow

heal balance flow

work in progress

Google and take Beck inventory test to self assess different conditions.

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