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Nutritional counseling offered in shopping for and cooking Holistic organic vegan and vegetarian sattvic food. Ten years experience. Video and telephone.

One of my patterns is as a student which has turned into a lifelong learner.

So much importance is given to being a learner and a student. How much importance is given to being a master? Do we respect our masters? Or do we prefer to just do whatever anybody else is doing who is a lifelong learner themselves. And then we fool ourselves into thinking it’s because I want to do that. Ask anybody who they think they are and if they know who they are and they say yes. Then ask them who are they? One of the nicer answers was I am compassionate I am empathetic I am a good friend. OK so what about if you’re being compassionate empathetic and a good friend towards yourself? Oh no that isn’t what I do is the answer. So all of this about fooling yourself into thinking that you need to learn and constantly improve yourself you might want to ask yourself for what? And for who?

Violence/non violence Ahimsa
Why is it so hard for humans to be either violent or nonviolent?
Throughout millions of years to now, we theorize that humans have evolved out of animals.
In order to survive some animals need to eat meat and others cannot eat meat. Are the obligate carnivores violent?
Whether humans are omnivores or herbivores or carnivores is still up for debate. But if we are what we eat then if we eat meat we are eating the flesh of animals who have died in pain and left those pain chemicals in that meat at the time of their death.
Law definition of violence
the unlawful exercise of physical force or intimidation by the exhibition of such force.
We have legalized violence against animals.
Well the animals that do hunt to survive only use violence in order to get food, protect territory, for natural survival of the fit in their evolution.
Humans although not having to hunt to survive, are still afraid that they will not be able to survive or be fit without eating meat along with a variety of other foods. So humans who eat meat react more to the stress hormones which caused fear, fight or flight. With everything going on in the world it is easy to see why a principle of nonviolence also called Ahimsa, is difficult to follow in day-to-day life. And why would a person want to be non-violent or violent? Which brings up the question is fear (the root of violence in fight or flight reaction) rational or irrational or both?
In the context of being a mental health provider it is the subject of fear and whether it is rational or irrational that comes up very often. What happens is a person talks about knowing that their fear is irrational and telling them self that hasn’t helped. Or perhaps it has helped for a number of years and no longer is possible. What is possible is non-violence out of discernment of whether fear is rational or irrational and to act or not act.
The ability to be conscious of triggers, and knowing how to not blow up, is a great gift for somebody. It can reduce violence by first creating a sense of safety.
Using the principle of Ahimsa provides a better chance to solve problems based on fact rather than on fear. That fear, the fear of dying, the fear of starvation, the fear of being alone, the fear of not being able to pay the bills, the fear of not having an education, the fear of not having a job that pays enough to support a family, the fear of having everything and still not being happy, all of those fears can be boils down to an existential fear. Humans are the only species with so many fears. If I cross the street without looking by denying that fear is real my life can end abruptly. There are many reasons in fact to be afraid. How to manage fear? Reduce eating meat. Observe your experience. ask if you feel less anxious after one week. Do breathing exercise. Increase fluid intake. Notice after two weeks how you feel. Write and journal.
Definition of courage
Merriam-Webster dictionary
“mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.”
It does take a willingness to develop tolerance for strong emotions. That can lead to courage and resilience.
Does this lead to ahimsa?
Or can a fighter in a war be non violent?
We can look at Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita who was a warrior against parts of his family. He was afraid to start fighting. He knew it was to survive but he questioned even his need to fight for survival. We can ask if Ukraine is bring violent by defending itself. So is violence appropriate in survival cases? I would answer probably if it is to reduce future expansion of violence or war. These meat eating cultures have been warlike and as we are what we eat then we can expect more war and environmental destruction.
In individual therapy there is a chance to reevaluate the need for animal protein in order to reduce stress hormones in humans. When there is a resolution of inner conflict then more rational attention can be focused on outer conflict.
Tao Te Ching Way of Life
Tibetan Book of the Dead for transition support
Amava support group for caregivers
Support groups for family and friends of LGBTQ+
Music I made for those who care
pictures for the future Hilma af Klint 1. are you a caregiver? are you struggling with caring for a person with mental illness or addictions? How do you take care of yourself and have healthy boundaries?
During the pandemic as we went through much suffering, struggling to care about and for ourselves and others, many go through intense feelings. The feelings may cause emotional drain. Often we feel tired and unable if not unwilling to do anything beyond the necessary. This is normal. In these times I often recommend rest, staying in nature for grounding, not feeling guilty as we may be helpless to do much for those who have lost income, loved ones, grief. I suggest one day at a time. Remember times when things looked like this before. Things may not go back to normal for a time. We who try every day to do something kind for ourselves and find gratitude in who and what we have do often feel better. How to conserve and increase energy. At 1:20:00 specific ways.
2. many healthcare students and adults are transitioning into work/life. are relationships difficult and how can they work? This is a crucial time which if navigated successfully sets you up to continue the flow of abundance in your life.
3. leadership toward raising levels of awareness and consciousness in self and others is a rapidly growing career and lifestyle goal. heal balance flow raise your consciousness and manifest your own reality.
Susan Razavi LCSWR Therapist, heal balance flow
heal balance flow
work in progress
Google and take Beck inventory test to self assess different conditions.
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