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StressLearning self care is key in managing stress. A holistic mind/body approach is helpful. No matter who you are, there are ways to find time for yourself. Susan Razavi LCSWR Holistic Life...

TrancePlan and Life Coaching
Often when working as a psychotherapist I am very aware of underlying dynamics which began very early in life. In the life coaching field although it is wonderful for many people it can be less accessible for many people because of their underlying long-standing issues. In order to prepare somebody to be able to participate in life coaching it makes sense to resolve these underlying issues before and even while working on issues such as work life balance and success. The role of trance plan is to prepare a person in their unconscious state to be more open and available to planning for the future in a very concrete way. A mind body approach which is holistic can be very effective in the use of life coaching, talk therapy, hypnotherapy, mind-body practices.

TrancePlan Induction

TrancePlan inductionMuch like REM cycles and sleep the frequencies cycle very deep and longer through a lucid dreaming trance frequency stage; up to alert where your thinking mind makes sense for you.* “Hypnosis has been most closely linked to power in the theta band...