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ConsciousIntegratedTherapy (CIT)

Understand that the best minds in the West have still to answer the question- who am I.

Who am I. How can a person change something if they don’t know Who am I? Often people will not be able to get the most enjoyment from life and be conditioned to not expect long term bliss state higher consciousness.

Conversation about where the conscious mind comes from

Conversation about how to consciously control brain and mind

Conversation about steps to evolve to next level.

Where does health come from? We are children of Mother Nature.

Low cost insurance covered (for testing and doctors) medical center which also provides low cost consulting and referrals. Specializes in nutrition and fasting for recovery from disease, disorders.

Nutritional Psychiatry

My path has led me past this social conditioned mental state. The therapies I find useful are more self knowledge based with more than a few experiential states.

But first-check your nutrition

How to cure yourself of illness

Why are East and West Psychologies different? East is Physiology of Consciousness/energy frequencies. Eastern Psychology is Conscious in the Physiologic mirroring neurons.

Western is 3D evidence based on mental/emotional/physical/environmental patterns.

What are the differences? Is one better than another? Are levels of Consciousness the same in all humans/beings?

How to succeed in real life by evolving

1. Introduction to ConsciousnessIntegratedTherapy. CIT. Sometimes called Integral Therapy to liberate from Maya 3D Delusion. Space of Possibility.

As there are evolutionary Western CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy* MCBT.

DBT Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Now the next evolution is ConsciousIntegratedTherapy. CIT

Therapies are moving from focusing on cognitive brain functions in cognitive behavioral therapy > mindfulness MCBT > DBT emotional mood regulation using Zen mindfulness combined with cognitive thinking in DBT dialectical behavioral therapy. The next step is to be able to combine body/cognitive/mindfulness/emotional regulation/energy frequency prana/mirror neurons in therapy to experience levels of Consciousness. Then Consciousness from within using:


Samskara Dahana Kriya connect the dots. Verse 22.

What is the mind/body connection and how to be authentic. What does saying no mean? When the body says no what would happen if we listened? In Eastern traditions it is said “not that, not that, not that”.

The Eastern traditions have for untold (underreported) millennia incorporated energy practices which align the body/mind/spirit from an inner science based on experience. This includes mirroring neurons from one aligned consciousness to another. The consciousness science of inner self realization is a methodology which connects and unites the physical/cognitive/emotional/energetic connections with the whole cosmos, including and integrating all its dimensions and levels, not only an individual cognitive functioning separate ego seeking gratification identified as happiness from something outside of itself.

“Siddhartha” by Herman Hesse chronicles the experiences of a man who was born to be a priest. His refusal of any dogma and his journey is read in this audiobook.

What is Kundalini Shakti YouTubes.

Treatment thus is not only about either mental and/or emotional aspects but is inclusive of all aspects.

Four states of consciousness are sleep, dream, awake, higher consciousness in Eastern approaches.

Brain wave neuropsychiatry.

Neurologically there are different brain waves, measured with brain scan eeg. The qeeg measures higher gamma waves which are found in meditators and high bliss frequencies of over 300MH. Most tests on brain waves are eeg which excludes the gamma frequencies.

The limiting of choices as in black/white, true/false, binary, yes/no, either/or is a product of lower frequency linear logic 3D thinking. We have height, width, depth but we have not learned to access more than a little of the few dimensions recognized as movement or stillness through time and space in the processes of therapy. That is because of the imbalance in flow.

Mantra is for training the brain

Vipassana is for integrating the mind/body.

How to begin meditating

Western Mental/behavioral health treatment began with Western European shamanism (actually nobody in the West really knows how long ago or where it began). Usually western education does not go earlier than Egyptian/Grecian/Sumerian. There is much evidence to prove history much earlier.

Eastern spirit/mind/body science recorded history goes back 60,000 to 60 million years), according to vedas/agamas.

Western medical model including psychoanalysis grew to psychology and psychotherapy, and then to for example, psychoanalysis, Positive Psychology, Integrative, Hypnotherapy, NLP, life coaching. However, due to increased use of psychotropic medication, most focused on the cognitive mental functioning which regards symptoms caused by serotonin and dopamine imbalance from the brain as causes to create conditions, disorders and diseases, maintain and direct healing/health. The medical model psycho pharmacological focus has been on chemically replacing in the central nervous system brain low levels of for example, serotonin and dopamine. The Serotonin and Dopamine are actually produced in the pituitary, hypothalamus, intestinal and endocrine system. However such medications have side effects, temporarily masks symptoms, are not meant to be taken forever and are often dependent on lengthy trial and error. Science is now looking to nutrition, stress, environment, to find causes of these chemical balances. Recently Functional medicine has found the causes of problems to be from a wide range which western medicine excludes. For example lab tests do not test tissue and test blood.

Functional Psychiatry

The East has always included a holistic approach. it works with balancing and expanding the innate strength rather than finding a localized deficit and adding chemicals.

Science of Yoga Sri M

Heart Bakhti Yoga.

Melatonin a growth hormone comes from the Pineal gland which until recently in the West was considered a vestigial ocular gland and in the East is the Third Eye Ajna Chakra. Dopamine is produced in the nearby Pituitary and hypothalamus glands.

Immune system is stimulated by thymus also considered as upper heart chakra.

There are many reasons to include body/mind/energy frequency work in dealing with any kind of concern in life. There is no reason to exclude it.

Who might want ConsciousIntegratedTherapy? CIT There are many people who consider themselves to be not spiritual or religious but seeking inner peace (secular); spiritual but not religious, or anti-religion. Many people consider themselves as atheist, nihilist, communist, capitalist or agnostic.

Spiritual and religious. I was agnostic for most of my life.

Rajiv Malhotra

In one’s energy frequency, spirituality does not require faith or a belief. It operates on each person’s experience, awareness, self knowledge, emotional response and evidence based holistic healing. Initially one may try different approaches before finding what works. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi TM

Sri Aurobindo and Mother Integral Therapy.

Ramana Maharishi compare to Carl Jung.

Vivekananda and Paramahamsa Yogananda as Eastern and Western.

Panchag Naram Ayurveda, Nalanda Institute.

Heal with Nirahara Samyama

You are what you eat.

Many follow a traditional organized religion but are not satisfied with it or they would not have come to therapy in the first place. People come to look for practical solutions and rather than turning to chemicals (Licit or Illicit) in talking, analyzing, remembering, extensively about childhood. Learning is limited to manage/adjust/cope they often have no idea of what could heal and transform but are frustrated at the lack of effective help, guidance, or progress in their lives.

Five Koshas

iyengar functions and physiology of yoga asana. Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

Nadis chakras.

All of the techniques which are included here in this book are if not in whole are at least partially applicable to anybody. It has been an approach that does start with the client including ongoing collaboration and intra-analysis of what patterns are obstacles to the client asking how to experience the source of where the person is coming from. That source is spiritual bliss or pure consciousness. Dhyan Turiya, Turiyatita. According to Vedas/Agamas. Kapila Karika

anandamide in CBD.

We are originally and holistically part of wholeness, live in the wholeness and return to wholeness. The feeling of being separate creates an obstacle to the self knowing what the origin, motivation, purpose in life is.

What is spiritual? To me source spiritual is a frequency of vibration which when combined with each person‘s own innate ability to heal them self creates a more rapid positive measurable outcome. It also allows each person to be liberated from the limiting patterns of the cognitive mind. The cognitive/emotional mind is linked to the 3D Reality. This 3D Reality has been structured in psychological terms as having three states of consciousness. These are Unconscious, Subconscious and Alert. intro to Completion Technique. what is Karma sattvic food

What is Liberation? Vedas Agamas

Freedom from inner conflicts, Self knowledge, a continuous bliss state of consciousness/gamma wave. Non-attachment and ability to be powerful to manifest whatever is the best possible outcome is Moksha Jivan Mukhti Liberation.

A. Roots and Lineage

A guided meditation

The first spiritual guide is Shiva which represents the super consciousness, all dimensions and including what we call reality in the three dimensions of height, length and depth. Shiva is a word which indicates eternal consciousness principle. This is a Cosmic Principle. Lord Shiva and manifestation Parvati, the principle of cosmic existence are a unified whole. They are unified in oneness Advaitha* Lord Shiva as Consciousness Intelligent Cosmos- performs Creation, Preservation, Destruction , Delusion and Liberation. The Higher Consciousness produces a vibration which produces space which produces waves of energy which produce 11 dimensions. The dimensions are

Shakti, the dimension of creation; Bindu creative focus; Bindukala Space/time; Shabda, a Sound; Nada continuing Sound, Nadakala, Intelligence of Sound in Space/time/motion; time produces length; space produces height/width and when depth is produced then matter which can be perceived by human measurement is made. Human measurement includes wave/particle energy. But because it is not perceived with 5 senses it is just beginning to be commonly used. The East has since it began having advanced human receivers who were evolved to transmit energies and eventually write about them have left vast resources which are available to those whom seek.

Cymatics scientifically proves that 3 dimensional matter is created harmonically by 5 sounds.

Western sky gods perform only the first three. YouTube’s and scripture references. A physical Avatar Lord Shiva lived 60,000 -1,000,000 years ago and there are countless facts and basic information to indicate this foundation. In books and scripture is written more and some books are suggested in the bibliography. Scientists are reporting that the Cosmos is an intelligent. Superconsciousness. Science has begun to research animals’ brains to explore about 11 dimensions of reality.

The lineage is Shaivite (from Shiva)

My lineage is now Shaivite. Being in the space of Advaitha requires initiation through look, sound/light or touch. The super conscious state which includes all 25 states of consciousness and 11 dimensions. The Earth and the Cosmos requires that we evolve in order to be aligned with Dharma. Dharma is Cosmic law. It is able to give us opportunities to live in jivan mukhti that is Living Enlightenment.

The journey was not so direct for me and I did not find the answers to my questions until age 63, eight years ago. I can see that all my life I have been seeking answers to the same questions people have been asking for millennia. Becoming and being a Social Worker with the focus on helping others, then learning from them about meditation and then discovering through yoga and Hypnotherapy what healing is, took 33 years. I credit being of service as the cause of my spiritual evolution. calculating that I provided 20,000 nurses aide hours, 28,000 encounter social work service hours, 4,000 hours practicing yoga asanas, whatever it took to receive a Masters of Social Work Degree, continuing education, trips to attend programs in India, untold devotional and musical endeavors ( I do credit 15 years classical music/voice training, semi-professional performance and founding a music non profit as helping develop my spirituality) and online training.

B. Basic concepts

1. Levels of Consciousness

2. Dimensions of Reality

3. Origins of three dimensional world

4. Kinds of Karmic Psychological, Ecological methods.

5. Spirit/Psycho/Social/Environment mapping


Inner image outer image self to world then world to self image.

2. Evolution to Wholistic Integrative Therapy

A. Personal History and Experience

1. Before Guru food exercise family motherhood

A. Education -Feminism

B. Experience

C. Yoga and Hypnotherapy

2. After Guru

1. 8 year journey

2. Completion Technique

3. Karma vs Nature/Nurture

4. Third Eye Therapies

A. Hypnotherapy

B. Listening

C. Linga Healing

D. Role of Maya Matrix

E. Letting Go

B. Why Wholistic Integrative Therapy.

1. Historical context

A. Different religions

2. Development of current Eastern and Western societies/religions

2. Contrast and Comparison of Individual/Family/Social/Environmental Development

A. With Western Psychotherapies/Spiritual Practices

B. With Eastern Healing/Spiritual Practices.

3. Benefits

Case Studies

A. Russians

B. Latinos

1. South America

2. Central America

3. Caribbean

C. European Descent

1. Irish/Italian Catholic

2. Ashkenazi Jewish

3. Protestant

4. Spanish

D. African Descent

1. Caribbean

2. The South

3. Mixed

4. African

E. Far East Asian

1. Chinese/Hong Kong

2. Japanese

3. Phillipino

F . Near East Asian

1. Arabic

2. Israeli

G. Indian Subcontinent

1. South India

2. North India

3. U.S. NRI




History of Vedic Culture in the Middle East


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