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The skin is getting thin. Although more light shines from within more light shines from without. Having this bottle and seeing it hold brings comfort. Comfort which is denied by the reality of constant discomfort. During times of change it is really not possible to say that things will stay the same. So will we build better bottles? Is that our goal? If so why? Humans have already proven that they can survive but have they proven that they are evolving? Why is it that some people suffer so much and others hardly at all? Is it only because some people build a better bottle than others? Maybe I want to live with a bottle that is not always so heavy and opaque? But I don’t want to live in a bottle where the slightest touch can cause it to shatter. So that means that I constantly have to keep adjusting my bottle depending on how I perceive the world. Yes in the world somethings are always changing but somethings are eternal. And I identify the eternal as consciousness. Does consciousness get involved with everything and participate in everything and also suffer and rejoice? Is there a pure consciousness which is beyond all of that? And if there is a state of consciousness where there is no fluctuation how does that affect us in this three-dimensional reality? Does it make it possible to have that connection between the earth and the sky? Is it truly like the lotus rising out of the mud? It would seem so. And if it is so then it is possible for even the lowliest even all creatures to partake in the bliss or the absence of any suffering or the absence of anything to achieve a mastery over everything.

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