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Susan Razavi LCSW Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist 19 W 34th St, 10001; 853 Bwy Union Square 10003

Here's what our customers are saying...
Working with Susan has been a blessing. Her practical, calm, and mindfulness way of working with me has really helped me to stay grounded and mindful in how I want and need to manage my life.  Working with Susan has also aided me to work on issues that I was too afraid or not comfortable to work on with other therapists.  I am ever so grateful that I have found a therapist like Susan who is culturally competent, nonjudgemental and really meets you where you are and walks with you from there at your own pace.  She is really an amazing therapist and brings an amazing and straight up quality that I have never experienced with other therapists.
I feel such a debt of gratitude to this excellent and highly skilled therapist.  Susan brings a wide variety of tools to each session in her very comfortable space and makes a clear committment to the clients well being and ongoing healing. Her honest, straightforward yet gentle approach combined with patience and a sense of humor make my weekly sessions something to look forward to.  I am pleased to have found this healing haven in the heights.
When I started with Susan the intention was to help me bring closure to a difficult situation.  That was an enlightening journey but I quickly realized that I had other issues she could help me with so I could move forward.  I immediately liked how she approached our work together.  I liked that she was both firm and gentle.  She is a fantastic listener with an incredible memory for details.  I especially loved that she connected the body, soul/spirit and mind. Her hypnosis work is powerful and so interesting how it is weaved into the process, if you so desire.  I also like that I can speak to her in English or in Spanish.  It gives me comfort  that cultural aspects are understood and honored.   
If you are ready to start on a journey of self-discovery and you need a guide, I highly recommend Susan.  She will help you fully understand the meaning of movement- whether it is your body, your emotions &/or your thoughts and how to put them all into some kind of positive action.  Don't give up. 
Susan has assisted me through several family crises over the past couple of years and she has taught me breathing techniques to calm me down when I woke up worried in the wee hours of the morning.  Her support has been invaluable.  I have seen other therapists over the years, but find her to be the best.  Susan utilized yoga, breathing, meditation and hypnosis with me in addition to the usual style of talk therapy.  I found it all very helpful and give her my highest recommendation without reservation.  
Susan was very helpful during our sessions.  She provided a relaxing, warm, calming atmosphere.  I also participated in her hypnosis session and going into it I was skeptical of hypnotism even working but after the first session I was a believer.  Susan is the real deal and I recommend her  to anybody looking for a therapist
When I first came to see Susan I was in such a dark.  Susan comforted me with insight and sensitivity so that in just a few sessions I was mapping out a much better present and future for myself.  I really like her holistic approach and have found her to be one of the most effective therapists I have seen. Thank you Susan!
Susan was to me more than a therapist.  She is a person who made me to bring out my inner strength and work in my weakness in my personal and professional life.  The first time I started going to therapy, I was so overwhelmed for many conflicts I was going through.  Susan helped me to see how to work out many of my conflicts I was facing for years.  I looked for each section because I got out with a clear vision of things I can do and wanted to do. During the second time I looked for Susan's service, I was suffering from a neurologic problem caused by a wrong medication.  Susan recommended me to other professionals who helped to recover from my physical condition.  On the other hand, with her therapy and recommendations I was able to recover faster and to learn ways to decrease pain using meditations and yoga technics.  The most important thing about Susan's service was that in both situations I was able to walk out with skills that I can apply to many problems that are so common in today society.
When I first started therapy with Susan, I was feeling overwhelmed dealing with many issues in my life.  Susan provided for me a safe and open environment to learn how to best cope and resolve dilemmas.  She help me work through issues at my own pace.  Her demeanor and calm nature was very inviting, and with each session I gained more control of my emotions.  Susan has a professional, warm and interactive style that help me to move forward.
Working with Susan has been very helpful.. She has a low key yet engaged approach, is a thoughtful listener, and integrates meditative practices into her therapy.  I'm very glad to have someone like her in the neighborhood!

Susan Razavi is a highly effective therapist, a great listener, and a profoundly non-judgmental person.  She offers astute observations but is never insistent or overly attached to those observations.  She has a positive attitude and a healthy sense of humor but also a humble gravity that is appropriate to the seriousness of her task.  I started therapy unable to envision it actually working for me.  I feared that I was already too self-aware to make significant new observations about my own patterns but with Susan’s help and of course a lot of hard work on my part, my life began to flow once again.If you’re thinking of seeing a therapist, don’t waste time just contact Susan Razavi.  

Thank God and thank Susan Razavi.  I was able to go on a flight with nanxiety for the first time since 9/11.  I recommended my friend to call her.

The relaxation exercises work.  I have felt much less stress.  I feel calm.

I am doing yoga twice a day, breathing during the day when the children are too much.  It's not like if you talk to someone for ten minutes and then you have to listen for three hours.  I am so glad I went to a professional.  I don't know how I would have been without the therapy.  I am able to be strong when I need to be.  I recommended three people go to her.

Well, we did it!  We crossed the bridge.  We shared our needs and expectations and commitments.
It was really wonderful and we feel great and liberated.
The relaxation sessions you took us both through helped us to visualize and get in touch with our feelings and what we needed and wanted. Your ability to focus in to the heart of the issues and your being an objective voice in our work provided much needed clarity and gave us a safe space to be honest with each other. You have an excellent memory which allowed you to make connections throughout all of our sessions.  We also appreciated your concrete suggestions.
My husband was grateful for your impartiality and therefore making it possible for me to feel supported and comfortable . He also appreciated your holding him to the task.
Thanks again and we wish you only the best.

I love coming to therapy every week, we always have something new to talk about as a family.  This is our time to talk together.   

Just letting you know how much I appreciate your support and understanding.  You have a very big heart!


I just wanted to say that I really appreciated all of the support through therapy that I received with you. I am pointed in the right direction. There is still work to be done. However I accept that I am a work in progress. I have successfully lost 56 pounds and I am running with that. I look forward to carving out the new me working from the inside out to change perceptions and make the changes in my life that will bring me peace. Thank you again! Peace and Love!